Montenegro: Real Estate Paradise

The insanity of finding the next hot spot in the international property market has cooled down those who make pretty unwise investments and keep on licking their wounds caused by bad decisions, but, do not be surprised when we say that there is one new destination outside the common cannon of the so-called “safe heavens” that appears that will keep its place on this glamorous pedestal. Montenegro is a country that is unusual in so many different aspects and is willing to offer you a mixture of the modern, traditional, and bridges, as it does, touristic giant – Croatia and the undiscovered charms of Albania.


Arriving in Montenegro is not a hassle as you can get there by air via Tivat airport, or by driving from Dubrovnik which will take no more than two hours. The country made significant moves to match the latest European trends. It joined the Euro and it proved to be pretty affordable. Here are some undiscovered details on why Montenegro is such a Paradise for all real estate investors.

Balkanian Rebel: Undefeated Fortress

The ideal position has proven to be quite a strategic spot on the Adriatic coastline and this is one of the main reasons why Montenegro was attractive land to the invaders and overlords including Venetians and the legendary Ottomans. The Austro-Hungarian empire was not an exception either as they exerted their influence at the beginning of the 20th century. However, after 1918, the country was assimilated into Yugoslavia. Montenegro regained their independence in 2006 after a bloody Balkan conflict. This turbulent history has left people fiercely patriotic and thankful for the rebellious and dramatic terrain. Steeply inclined fjords and mountains like you have never seen before were a perfect hideout spot for the rebels for centuries. You will be surprised how white sand beaches make a perfect contrast to the dark wilderness and show this country’s softer side.

In Paradise or in the Moon

Have you ever tried wandering through this country and trying to completely unveil its mysteries? Probably not as there is a lot to be unveiled. There are many secrets hidden within the walls of old Venetian towns such as the charming city of Kotor also called mini Dubrovnik. You will be instantly stunned by the beauty of fortified locations like this one. Warrens of streets laddered with boutique hotels, little squares, churches, and cats peeping around every corner. This country is utterly charming and crowded only when the tourist season kicks off. However, this country is an old legend and was not completely undiscovered as you may initially assume. It has been an extremely sophisticated destination ever since the 1950s when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were amazed by the natural beauty of Sveti Stefan, a fortified island hotel. Before them, George Bernard Shaw was in doubt whether he was in Paradise or on the Moon when he finally reached the summit of the sacred place for all Montenegrins – Mount Lovcen.


Real Estate Paradise Development in Its Infant Phase

This country has more than you could ever ask for. A bucket of natural charm combined with history in spades, but only relatively recently caught the eye of the discerning traveler who had to turn once again to soak in the beauties of this outstanding Adriatic country. It can be incredibly demanding to find a property inside the walls of the town of Kotor, but there are some free locations nearby which also include a three-story, 300-year-old palace that needs instant renovation but is blessed with a million-dollar view of Kotor Bay.


If buying a historic property does not suit your taste, then, the most recent round of modern development began in 2009 with Porto Montenegro. Previously a historic naval base was an attractive spot to the Canadian businessman Peter Munk and Nat Rothschild. This place was identified as an ideal location to fulfill the overwhelming need for a greater number of super-yacht berths in the Mediterranean. Once this project was completely fulfilled, it proved the stance that it was one of the greatest projects ever done in Montenegro because of its outstanding results.

The Main Focus: Elite Tourism

Porto Montenegro paved the way for many new projects that were inspired by its profound approach to a very specific audience and target group. Ever since new investors were encouraged to become property owners in Montenegro or to even buy a place for themselves. Since tourism has always been the main source of income for this country, because of the latest real estate moves and investments, it is estimated that tourism in Montenegro will rise by another 10%. This can also be influenced by opening some of the most luxurious hotels in the world such as Aman Resort in 2012 and One & Only with 150 super luxurious guest rooms and villas accompanied by a world-class marina. All of these suggest that the main focus of the country has shifted and that they started to focus on elite tourism which led to opening only high-end hotels and developments of places that only super-rich people would be able to afford. It is more than obvious that quality is the hotspot while quantity does not even matter.

The Second Greatest Development

The second greatest development that simply cannot be ignored along the Adriatic coastline is Lustica Bay which is located on the Lustica peninsula near Tivat. It basically represents the creation of an entirely new community that will be able to enjoy the surroundings of hotels, private residences, golf courses, and two marinas. Phase one of the project includes two hotels and more than 150 residences. Besides, there would also be shopping and dining areas as well as schooling and medical facilities. The architectural concept of this area is inspired by the natural character of the area which is constructed from the local material and even 95% of apartments and marina will benefit from the sea view. We have already mentioned that Montenegro has focused on high-end tourism. To this end, Marina homes in Lustica Bay would start at 565, 000 euros. This only suggests that an entirely new community would be the richest one in the entire country.


The stunning beauty and new goals have redefined the status of Montenegro when it comes to real estate tendencies. With immense potential to welcome super-yachts and cruisers from all over the world, it became the spot that can easily go hand in hand with Monaco. Not to forget to mention that Montenegro has already become home to the most expensive yacht in the world. When it becomes the coastline of the richest people in the world is just a matter of time.

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