Montenegro: Hot Spot for the Super-Rich

There is simply something very exotic and effortlessly glamorous while speeding across the endless and azure sea in some vintage motorboat, particularly in the moments when the sea is flanked by mountains and time-trapped villages hang above the shore. The ride from the gleaming marina of mesmerizing Porto Montenegro into the breathtaking Bay of Kotor is everything you will need to experience in this life to feel the utmost satisfaction. As you travel through the mouth of the Bay of Kotor, you will be met by the stone houses of Perast how to shimmer in the distance, and how humbling small they look when compared to the giant peaks surrounding them. When looking from the sea towards the beautifully cut shore and the intimidating power of mountains, you will have an impression that you are trapped in one of the Norwegian fjords. But, it is not the legendary Norwegian coast, it is the best Mediterranean has to offer – a beautiful gem hidden in its tininess – Montenegro.


Hub of the Global Super-Rich

It is not Monaco. It is MONTENEGRO. Glamorous, moneyed, and elegant. These epithets sound like a perfect description of the vision the Montenegrin government is aiming to create for the special breed of tourists they want to welcome. The reversed touristic strategy is meant to help this small nation of 13, 000 sq km and 600, 000 inhabitants to become the prime rival to Monaco as the hub for Europe’s wealthiest and global hub for the richest. This might be one of the reasons why marinas are springing up down the coast accompanied by luxury hotels, thousands of villas where you will see redefined luxury, and infrastructure encompassing everything raging from the supermarkets to luxury boutiques, hospitals, restaurants, and even schools.

By bearing all of these details in mind, it is not to be surprised when you realize that some of the world’s most expensive and luxurious hotels are willing to snap up the land. Chedi has just kicked it off, a One&amp Only resort is set up for the next year, and there are rumors about Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons entering the market.


Place Where Extraordinary Is Understatement

Montenegro became the place where luxury has been redefined. When we look at the latest projects of real estate investors, it is possible to be seen that luxury became the prime priority and is combined with everyday tendencies. So, at Vuelo Sobre you will have whatever it is needed for your family to rest in luxury while being encompassed in the privacy and charm of family life, and in Hotel President, you will feel the real taste of luxury mixed with ravishing night-life Budva has to offer. For a surprise to be even bigger, Montenegro had to wait for five years for the first luxury hotel, the Aman Sveti Stefan, and then its second, the Regent Potro Montenegro, which dominates the market as the first purpose-built marina. The Aman became one of the country icons when it opened its first rooms in Villa Milocer, on the mainland back in 2009, and then turned the fortified village on its own island into one of the most expensive hotels in Montenegro favored by Beckhams and which was the wedding venue for Novak Djokovic.


Competition Within a Country: Marinas Along the Coast

For the first time in a couple of years, the Aman and the Regent are facing real competition with two marinas opening in Lusrtica Bay and Portonovi, which is very close to the town of Herceg Novi. Boka Bay is so rich in culture and tradition that for the moment you will have the impression that you are trapped in time. This is the impression you would feel once you start moving from Herceh Novi to Tivat there you will be welcomed by a huge number of waterfront apartments and scattered beach clubs. After driving for some time and enjoying the view, you will arrive at the Regent where you will be offered with a whole load of choices on what to do next. Perhaps, the best thing to start from is the yacht club. At that moment, you will realize what kind of destination Montenegro indeed is, The crib and the marina for super-rich people who just sailed in with their super-yachts trying to get the best comfort and luxury in their super-luxurious lives. If you get to Google some of the yachts there, you will find out some shocking facts, such as Porto Montenegro being the home to the seventh most expensive super-yacht owned by Abu Dhabi royal family.


The Epitome of Juxtaposition

Once you feel the energy of the spots owned and preferred by the super-rich, you will go through an instant state of shock because of the striking juxtaposition. The displays of extreme wealth and elegant luxury with such refined tone that you will almost be able to feel the cutting edge of its sharpness contrasted against the backdrop of the country which is obviously still developing. Even though Porto Montenegro is a pocket of Gucci glamour, the surrounding town of Tivat is still an old place with traditional people and sea-life simplicity. However, you will be able to see how these two coexist in such a mutually supporting way than you will be able to experience in some other marinas. Regent Porto Montenegro is a blueprint for the marinas of Lustica Bay and Herceg Novi, with a mix of hotels and suites developed for the specific market.


Achieved Unspoiled

Montenegro is the representation of wild beauty and it has always been. So, there are some concerns when it comes to the speedy development of the coastal parts of the country and the possibility that beautiful surroundings might be destroyed. However, Budva and Sveti Stefan are here to remind us that special care is taken in every single detail. The town of Budva just like Kotor and Tivat is still ridiculously picaresque even though it is heavily developed. Let’s have a look at the Aman Sveti Stefan. This is the island that took a defensive position against the Turks during their reign by the 1800s and had a population of 400. When people started leaving, then, this part of the town started to be turned into hotels where the majority of Yugoslavia’s most important people were welcomed. It was a huge surprise when Aman bought the land and turned small cottages into spacious suites which now represent the most expensive place in whole Montenegro. It is not a surprising fact when we say that Montenegro reinvented luxury and they managed to merge tradition and stone with top tire tendencies.

Without a single doubt, Montenegro is becoming a hot spot for the super-rich as it is turning into the place where they will be provided with the utmost luxury. However, with luxury being given an entirely new dimension, Montenegro will slowly become a place to be explored and it is a fact that the rich will take their part in it too.

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