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Pančevo is a city located on the right bank of the Danube in Vojvodina, near Belgrade. This city offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, while at the same time being close to the capital of Serbia, which allows easy access to all the amenities that Belgrade offers. Pančevo stands out for its rich history and cultural heritage, with numerous monuments such as the fortress, museum, and art gallery. The city is also proud of its racecourse, the only one in Serbia where horse racing takes place. Visitors to Pančevo can enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds it, including parks, forests, and the Tamiš River. The city also has a large number of sports fields, as well as modern gyms and fitness centers. Pančevo offers delicious food, with restaurants that offer a diverse cuisine. Additionally, the city is known for its brewery that produces excellent beer. For those who want to live in a quieter and less urbanized environment, Pančevo offers an ideal destination. With easy access to Belgrade, the city offers the advantages of living in a peaceful environment without sacrificing the urban amenities that the capital offers. The population of the city is around 76,000.

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