Estate of the Month: Hotel President

Welcome to our “Estate of the Month” feature, where we explore some of the most exquisite properties around the world. Sometimes, these properties are located in our immediate closure, without us even knowing. Some investors pay special attention to constructing and creating properties that go far beyond the ordinary. One of these investors surely is ALK, where building excellence is absolute demand and impact is a main goal. The dogma behind the company may be observed in every estate built by their resolved attitude to create the estates that will contribute to outstanding living. Inspired by their story, this month, we take you on a virtual tour of the breathtaking Hotel President in the enchanting coastal town of Budva, Montenegro. If you’re seeking a luxurious retreat on the Adriatic, you won’t want to miss this gem.


A World of Luxury and Tranquility

When you step into this 5-star hotel, everything will be clear to you. This is a hotel where every single detail is dedicated to the unparalleled guest experience, where all of the essentials for a perfect getaway meet. Luxury, convenience, and comfort come here seamlessly. So, let us take you through the amenities of this exquisite building and give you a clear picture of what waits for you there.

Strong Start: Splendour of the Ground Floor

Your journey into luxury starts on the ground floor. You will be caught off guard by the vast and opulent lobby and reception area. The lobby is designed to serve its purpose with extended functionality. An addition to the lobby is created with an aim to present the guests with a chance to socialize and unwind. Indeed, special attention was paid to the first impression. From the beginning of your journey in this hotel, it is clear that this place is created so that the first impressions are transformed into long-lasting memories. Hotel President is designed to take a top position on your luxury list. Deep shades of gray, brown, and green, set the tone of immense luxury. Natural materials, combinations of glass, stone, and wood, accompanied with pleasant illumination will calm your nerves and welcome you in a state of ultimate peace of mind.

Hotel President is a place where details prevail. Therefore, a dedicated lobby lounge, a service room for your convenience, and a welcoming foyer are just some amenities for your ultimate comfort. For those seeking a drink of leisure or casual refreshment, the lobby bar is always at your service.


Open Buffet Restaurant: Your Welcome Zone

Structural masterpiece with dozens of solutions that will take your breath away. Sometimes, you will ask yourself, is this even possible? Let us take you to the mezzanine, a place that will awaken all of your senses, the hotel’s culinary heaven. An extravagant place with an even more extravagant menu. Most certainly, a place, where you will experience taste delightfulness unlike any previous. Open buffet restaurant tackled in a mezzanine is designed to welcome up to 300 guests and is a place where a touch of theatre will add to your dining experience. When you think you have read enough… When Hotel President is a topic, there is not enough. A place that sets this hotel apart is a restaurant terrace that engulfs you with spectacular sunsets with unique Hawaii Island at full display.

For those, who take their dining to be a more personal experience, there is also an a la carte restaurant with exquisite 96 seats. This intimate setting will provide you with a chance to savor all of the flavors in silence and privacy.


Rejuvenation on the First Floor: Spa & Wellness

The entire hotel is tucked in a tranquil environment where you will get to experience the most luxurious thing in the world – peace. Every corner of the hotel is devoted to you and your utmost comfort and peace. Some of the hotel parts are meant to set a tone of meditation and rejuvenate your spirits and body. A place like this is located on the first floor of the Spa&Wellness where you will be able to feel how different dimension of peace feels like. Details prevail and so does the inspiration. Here, you will see that Budva is an everlasting inspiration to many and this is best depicted in “City Vibes”, “Old Town Street Voids”, and the “Budva Arc Formed as Ribs” being integrated into the architectural design of the entire area. The cultural significance and inspiration of the local stone aesthetics create a very unique atmosphere.

Inside the spa, you will be welcomed by an oasis of relaxation where three types of massage await. Herbal and Finish saunas, Turkish baths, massage rooms, and outstanding outdoor and indoor pools are amenities at your disposal. Hopping on the train of changes and ultimate wellness, locker room areas and vitamin bars are carefully designed to bring your wellness journey to an entirely different level. We promise you, that workouts like this will stay forever engraved into your memory. A gym facing a neverending sea horizon will inspire your workouts. Surely, a place where a man unifies with nature.



Theatre Style: Conference Center

The conference center is designed to meet all of your corporate events and mass events. Hotel President offers you an opportunity to host state-of-the-art meetings and conference events. Besides, this theatrical area is flexible enough to provide you with the possibility to host both celebratory and business gatherings. Conferences, meetings, celebrations, you name it, all of them can be hosted in the comfort of this extraordinary hotel.


Hotel President is not just a place to stay. It is a whole experience that will easily adapt to every need of yours. No matter if you are seeking relaxation, the perfect venue for your event, or culinary delights, this hotel is created to cater to any form of excellence. If you’re looking for an exquisite property that combines modern luxury with natural beauty, look no further than the Hotel President in Budva. It’s a slice of paradise on the Adriatic and a worthy contender for our “Estate of the Month.”

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