About us

With forty years of long tradition, the ALK group is a segment of the investment-construction company better known as ALK Company. Until today, ALK Company worked in the global market and has constructed over 20 million square meters and 550 objects for various purposes. Given the fact that ALK Company is one of the oldest and most experienced real estate companies, it is not a surprising fact that ALK Company is one of the key real estate investors in Serbia and Montenegro.


The expertise of the company includes a wide spectrum of construction in various sectors of constructions. The array of construction services varies from the building of complex infrastructure to the creation of imposing objects such as sports complexes, shopping centers, and touristic, residential, and hotel complexes. The ability of the company to easily adapt to all demands is the feature that sets us apart from the competition.


The team of our people is constructed of experienced architects, highly qualified civil engineers, managers, and employees specialized in various fields. The long-term company goal is to design and construct objects that will have lasting benefits for future generations. Inspired by this path, ALK, as a responsible company, tends to apply the most contemporary technologies.


In, ALK, we believe that to achieve the utmost success in life and business is to show mutual understanding and to establish long-lasting relationships with partners and clients so we can continue to build the stable business development.

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